All goods imported into India have to pass through the procedure of customs for proper examination, appraisal, assessment and evaluation. This helps the custom authorities to charge the proper tax and also check the goods against the illegal import. Also it is important to note that no import is allowed in India if the importer doesn’t have the IEC number issued by the DFGT. There is no requirement of IEC number if the goods are imported for the personal use.


Step-wise process to import heater panels into India

  1. An importer who is to clear the goods from the custom is required to can file necessary documents forimport clearance procedures. Before arrival of goods, importer must keep all documents required for import clearance in ready condition. The major documents required are Bill of Lading or Airway bill, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, packing list, Cargo Arrival Notice, Freight certificate, purchase order or LC and other specific documents for goods.

  1. Importer need to track the shipment of arrival properly in order to clear the cargo as early as possible on arrival of shipment. Otherwise, Importer may be required to pay a demurrage to the import handling authorities. Normally, a limited number of days of two or three are allowed by import handling authorities as free of cost time duration. Importer can complete the customs formalities within this time normally, subjected to produce of all required documents with customs.

  1. Importer can arrange to keep soft copy of check list of Bill of Entry ready before arrival of goods. Importer may have the software to file Bill of Entry at office or home. If Importer does not have such facility, importer must approach private EDI (Electronic Data Information) service providers who can arrange to submit the data on behalf of the Importer.

  1. Once the cargo arrives in port, carrier of goods files Import General Manifest (IGM) with customs department. IGM is the details of import of goods to be filed with customs mandatory, by all carriers once goods arrived. Normally, each aircraft or vessel has one IGM number and each of consignments carries ‘line numbers’. So, each shipment carries a ‘line number’ and the total load of the said vessel or aircraft has an IGM number. Here, Importer will have one IGM number (common for one lot of goods arrived) and a ‘liner number’ for your particular shipment.

  1. Importer need to enter this numbers in the specified column of Bill of Entry while filing. This number will be automatically linked with your document while filing uploading the bill of entry details with customs web software. The Bill of Entry number is generated at one place for all over the ports of country as per software queue automatically. If goods are under green channel clearance, Importer can directly take delivery of cargo with simple procedures at port.

  1. Importer may get bill of entry number, once after filing the required soft data of bill of entry application. You need not go physically with customs department to get the same, as I have already explained. Generating Bill of Entry number means the number of bill of entry allotted by customs on filing as per serial order. So the said bill of entry details will be in queue in soft system of concerned customs officer who process the bill for import clearance. If all information are in order with proper documentation, he approves and pass over for inspection of cargo by software. Or if he requires more documents or further clarification; the same ‘query’ will be mentioned in the software system.

  1. Importer or its customs broker can view the status of bill of entry online whether any ‘query’ is there and blocked the process or already ‘passed’ over to next procedures. If any ‘query’ for further documentation or personal meeting, Importer can follow the same. The importer or his agent may be called for personal hearing for any clarification required by customs officials under certain types of goods imported where in customs requires more clarification. Once the bill of entry assessment completed by customs official, the document pass over for inspection procedures as explained. Importer arranges examination of goods by ‘goods registration’ electronically at customs department software system.

  1. The inspection is carried out under the supervision of necessary customs officials and enters examination report in the system. Once approving the inspection report by concerned officer, bill is ‘passed out of customs’ for delivery, if no duty amount is involved. If duty involved, Importer can arrange to pay the same and produce with the deputed customs officials. The customs department updates the duty amount and ‘pass out’ order is generated by software. If Importer pay customs duty online with the electronic arrangements of customs, the details of import duty paid is reflected in customs website within a specified period of time of deposit. This facility introduced recently helps importers minimize the formalities to pay customs import duty.


Prints of processed bill of entry are generated and customs officer signs physically on the said bill of entry. Importer can arrange delivery of cargo once after submitting the bill of entry of ‘passed out of customs’ with the carrier of goods. The carrier, after collecting necessary charges if any, issued delivery order to the custodian of cargo. The custodian of cargo delivers cargo to Importer or its authorized customs broker. Importer may accordingly move the cargo to its place.

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