Main Objects of Trading Companies

To carry on business as merchants, traders, commission agents, or in any other capacity in India or elsewhere, and to import, export, buy, sell, barter, exchange, pledge, make advances upon or otherwise deal and trade in all types of goods, produce and merchandise.

To carry on business as, importers, exporters, traders, buyers, sellers, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, indenters, packers, movers, preservers, stockists, agents, sub-agents, merchants, distributors, consignors, jobbers, brokers, concessionaires or otherwise deal in all types and varieties of storage batteries, dry or otherwise, for all kinds of uses, battery plates, cells, battery components, chargers, motors, transformer, stablizers and all other kinds of electronic components, devices.

To carry on all or any of the businesses of designers, trader, maintainers, repairers of and dealers in electrical and electronic appliances and apparatus of every description, and of and in radio, television and telecommunication requisites and supplies, teletext and view data receivers, and electrical and electronic apparatus, appliances, equipment and stores of all kinds.~

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