Main Objects of Tour & Travelling Company

To encourage and provide the business as package tour operators, daily passenger service operators, tour operators, travel agents, ship booking agents, railway ticket booking agents, airlines ticket booking agents, carrier service agents, courier service agents.

To carry on the business of running of taxies, buses, mini buses, trucks and conveyances of all kinds and to transport passengers, goods, commodities, , merchandise and to do the business of transporters, forwarding and transporting agents, stevedore, carmen, , cargo superintendents, package handlers and carting contractors.

To carry on the business as tourist agents and contractors and to facilitate traveling and to provide for tourists and travelers, the provision of convenience of all kinds in the way of through tickets, sleeper cars, or berths, reserved places, hotel, motel and lodging, accommodation guidance, safe deposits, enquiry bureaus, libraries, reading rooms, baggage transport and other allied services.

To carry on the business of import or export of any item or material related to tour & travels or otherwise, and to act as Money Changers to provide services that may be necessary for the achievement of the aforesaid objects.

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