Main Objects of Section 8/Educational Companies

o) To create institutions / centers for identifying psychological and behavioral characteristics of individuals’ and organizations’ through use of modern psychology and provide medical aid through suitable and regular health check up and counseling processes in a conducive environment for enabling comprehensive personality development thereby making individuals / organizations confident of playing leading roles in any social or socioeconomic setting.

p) To bring about transfer of knowledge on the latest medical developments and innovations, obtaining and giving support and assistance of consultants, experts equipment’s and other resources including funding from international bodies like UN Agencies, CFTC etc. on the one hand and NGOs and individuals committed to promoting objects aligning with our objects within the frame work of the prevalent Government rules. The Society is committed to extend help to other countries under the umbrella of these agencies and other countries on reciprocal basis.

q) To advise and assist if needed, through, Investigation and continuing research and education, the Government in the formation and implementation of policies on issues related to our aims and objects.

r) To promote the society’s objects through conferences, seminars lectures, public debate, exhibitions and other modern communications like the electronic media within the country as well as in other countries.

s) To co-operate network and collaborate with other national and international Societies, Trusts, Institutions, Associations and other organisations in furtherance of the objects of the Society.

t) To extend and receive support and expertise to / from other Societies / Trusts and institutions as and where required for enhancement of efforts towards attaining the objects.

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