Main Objects of Section 8/charitable Companies

g) To provide opportunities to develop skills and talents of children and women with the aim of generating a sustainable income and be independent to march with the time and age.

h) To provide, encourage, initiate or promote facilities for the discovery, improvement or development of new methods of diagnosis, understanding and prevention and treatment of diseases at economical cost.

i) To provide, develop and promote research facilities for carrying on research, basic and applied, in all system and discipline of medical and surgical knowledge, keeping in view the socio-medical and socio-economic need of the afflicted community.

j) To instill in the children an urge to learn and explore the world by giving them the right stimulus in the most important years of lives and to utilize their time and energies in a constructive way and to give them some form of vocational training to enable them to become economically independent.

k) To identify the gifted children and to provide them all sort of medical aid, health check up and to help through educational scholarships to further their education and good health to become socially aware citizens enabling them to lead a healthy life by understanding the importance of hygiene and regular medical check ups.

l) To promote and establish Health Centre and Educational institutions committed to launching and practicing innovative treatment style and learning methods in the fields that have a bearing on accelerating development in the field of Medical and education. In sharp focus in enriching knowledge, skills and attitude of individuals, particularly through nurturing of individual giftedness amongst children and youths thereby creating in them quality of good citizenship and enabling leadership and who in turn could impact social and other societal changes.

m) To Support a network of integrated institutions on which various professionals and organizations dealing with different facets of social, sociopolitical, socio-economic, environmental and ecological issues, would function, interact and attempt to bring about overall advancement throughout the country and elsewhere in a co-coordinated manner. Accordingly, it may constitute its activities at different places from time to time.

n) To raise ability, capability and efficiency of both people and organizations to international standards through innovative educational and research process.

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