Main Objects of Logistics Company

To establish, organize, manage, run, charter, conduct, contract, develop, handle, own, operate and to do business as fleet carriers, transporters, in all its branches on land, air, water, & space, for transporting goods, in all modes including bulk and containers, articles, or things or heavy and over dimensional cargo, on all routes and lines on National and International level subject to law in force through all sorts of carries like trucks, lorries, trawlers, dumpers, coaches, tankers, tractors, haulers, jeeps, trailers, motor buses, omnibuses, motor taxies, railways, tramways, aircrafts, hovercrafts, rockers, space shuttles, ships, vessels, boats, barges and so on whether propelled by petrol, diesel, electricity, steam oil, atomic power or any other form of power. To establish, organize, manage, run, charter, conduct, contract, develop, handle, own operate material Handling equipments.

2)      To carry on the business of clearing and forwarding agents, courier and cargo handlers, handling and haulage contractors, warehousemen, common carriers by land, rail, water and air, container agents, to handle goods and passengers within the country and outside and to carry on the business of tour and travel operators and to act as customs agents, wharfingers, landing agents, stevedores and longshoremen. To carry on the business of providing Logistics Services, material management, transportation, warehousing distribution and marketing of goods and to provide storage and protection of goods against rain, fire and other natural or manmade calamities

3)      To act as representative, Agent, Sub Agent, Commission Agent of Indian and foreign Companies, Firms, persons, states and other bodies Corporates and to represent them before the different authorities Corporates and bodies and to act as their Sales, purchase representatives and to render services to them for transporting warehousing, distributing, and maintaining all types of goods and Equipments in good conditions supplied by the Principals.

4)      To carry on Agency business including that of freight agents, steamer agents, chartering agents, clearing and forwarding agents, commission agents and bunkering agents and to work as Ship Broker and Charterers

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