Main Objects of Entertainment Company

To carry on in India or outside India or elsewhere the business to present, produce, arrange, manage, organize, conduct, sponsor, compose, edit, plan, design, exhibit, demonstrate, promote, operate, participate, collaborate and run at national and international level all sorts of shows and modeling, films, programmes of song, music, dance, film star, pop star, T.V. channels, entertainment web-sites and for the purpose to engage, book or hire artists, authors, story writers, musicians, models, performers, and other persons and agencies .

To provide, encourage, initiate or promote facilities for the discovering, improvement or development of new methods of diagnosis, understanding and prevention and treatments of diseases by adopting commercialized imported technology and by significant improvements in existing product / process / application and to initiate development of technology and to apply this technology in the medical field and also in areas of telemedicine etc, using computer applications to meet the medical standards and also benefit the public by these applications. 

To carry on the business of production, distribution or exhibition of films and motion pictures and the running of theatres, cinemas, studios, and cinematographic shows and exhibitions.

To carry on at any place or premises all or any of the businesses of circus, concert hall, amusement parks, theme parks, cinema, ballroom, hippodrome, night-club, super-club and theater proprietors and agents; box-office keepers, ticket agents, showmen, exhibitors, song, music, play, programme and general publishers, printers, scene, proscenium and caterers for public and private amusements and entertainments of every description.

To carry on the businesses of entertainment promoters, sports promoters, artistes, managers and representatives in all or any spheres of entertainment and sport.

To provide on such terms as may seem expedient all or any of the management, secretarial, advertising, publicity, accountancy, merchandising, personal and social facilities and services required or used in connection with their professional engagements by artistes and others engaged in theatrical, film, radio, television entertainment or sporting activities.~

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