Main Objects of Construction/Real Estate Company

To carry on business of contractors, Builders, Town planners, Infrastructure developers, Estate developers and Engineers land developers, Land Scapers, estate agents, immovable property dealers and to acquire, buy, purchase, hire or otherwise lands, buildings, civil works immovable property of any tenure or any interest in the same and to erect and construct, houses, flats, bungalows, kothis or civil work of every type on the land of the Company or any other land or immovable property whether belonging to the Company or not and to pull down, rebuild, enlarge alter and other conveniences and to deal with and improve, property of the Company or any other Immovable property in India or abroad.

To erect, construct, build, water proofing, sewage, demolish, fabricate, execute, carry out, improve, work, develop and enlarge, rebuild, repair, maintenance, administer, manage or control in India or abroad- on any land or immovable property of the Company or upon any other land or immovable property in any capacity and conveniences of all ,kinds, including turnkey jobs, railway, tramway speedway, runways. roads aerodromes, sewage, theatres, cinema halls, piers, wharvers, Dams, barrages, reservoirs, embankments, canals , irrigations, power houses, transmission lines, reclamation, improvement sewage, drainage, sanitary works, for building hotels, houses, markets, private public and all kind of Conveniences and to carry out business of builders and civil engineers, architects. estimators and designers thereof.

To promote, buy, acquire, sell, lease. exchange, hire, give on relit, to let, mortgage or otherwise dispose of the lands, industrial Complexes, houses. buildings, farm houses, agricultural lands, and other immovable property of the Company or other immovable property including any share or shares, interest or interests therein and to transact on commission or otherwise business of real estates agents and to apply for purchase through tender or otherwise acquire civil contracts for or in relation to water proofing, sewage, construction, execution, equipment, improvement, management, administrations or control of mechanical and civil works and conveniences and to undertake, execute, dispose or otherwise turn to account the same.

To carry on the business of architects, consultants civil engineers civil testers, builders and developers of land contractors, colonisers, civil contractors and undertake any residential, commercial or Industrial, construction either independently or jointly in partnership, joint venture or on agency or sub contracts basis with or on behalf of any individual firm, body corporate, association or society, Central or State Government, Cantonment board or any local authority to work as colonizer, developer of land and farm houses and buildings for residential purposes~

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