GST for Beginners-A Free E-Book

GST for Beginners-A Free E-Book

If you are thrilled by questions on new regime of Goods and Services Act in India and wish to learn its basics to remove ambiguities that are running across your mind.

Mr. Vineet Sahay, a GST Blogger, CS and Senior Manager Taxation at Saraya Industries Ltd and a renowned professional of GST is here to help you all.

Mr. Sahay says

“…I have met several professionals and discussed the issues on GST,they realised that GST reforms will open a great gateway for future scope of work in coming days BUT majority of them found me too technical and often asked me how to begin  their knowledge journey to understand basics of GST.

Thus I have written a very basic concept of GST and convert it in a Booklet form…”

This E-book shall provide you a basic and valuable knowledge on Goods and Services Tax Act in India.

  • Present Indirect Taxation System of India
  • Reforms and evolution towards GST.
  • Justification for Introduction of GST
  • Unified or Dual GST
  • Indian Model of GST and its Salient feature
  • Moving from Origin to Destination bases taxation
  • Inter-state and Intra-state Supply
  • Avenue for professional under GST framework.


About Author:

Vineet Sahay Mr. Vineet Sahay is a GST Blogger, CS and Senior Manager Taxation at Saraya Industries Ltd, Written more than 150 blogs on Goods and Services Tax covering all aspects of GST. He is a keen observer of GST development in India to keep himself updated and he keeps on updating others with his valuable blogs.

He has a huge number of followers on Linkedin and can be reached at his Linken Profile.


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